May Day

May Day is a seasonal event in New Horizons that lets you meet Rover. This limited time event occurs around the first week of May every year. When you play for the first time during this event period, Isabelle will have a special morning announcement detailing the May Day festivities have begun.

How to Participate

To participate, head over to the airport and talk with Orville. He will offer information on the May Day Tour and offer to fly you to the special island. You can only visit this island once, so be prepared. Prior to the 2.0 update for New Horizons, it was required to speak to Tom Nook to get access to the island, but this is no longer necessary.

The May Day Maze

The May Day island has a special maze puzzle. You will need to traverse the maze using various tools and resources found throughout the paths.

There are two different maze puzzles that alternate depending on the year. A more simplistic maze is available on even-numbered years, such as 2022, 2024, 2026, etc. A more difficult maze including cliffs and intense resource management is available on odd-numbered years, such as 2021, 2023, 2025, etc. It will be important to utilize all fruits and resources carefully, as each resource will be used in a way to get you through the maze.

At the end of the maze, Rover will be waiting for you by a campfire. Talk with him to have a brief conversation about you and your island, and he will mention wanting to send you mail the next day. If this is the first May Day Maze you have completed, you will receive a special briefcase from Rover in the mail. If you have already received this item from a previous year, he will send you his picture instead. Rover’s Photo can have different frames, so you may not receive the exact same photo year to year.

Rover’s first-time gift – Rover’s Briefcase.