Celeste in New Horizons

Celeste, a special character in the Animal Crossing series, is a stargazer that will make occasional visits to your island later in the day. Celeste is fascinated with clear night skies, the zodiac, and stargazing.

Finding & Meeting Celeste

Celeste has a chance to appear on your island during an announced meteor shower or any other night that has shooting stars. She will only appear once a week and will show up on the best night for stargazing. Even if your island has multiple clear nights with shooting stars in a single week, she will only appear once for that week. Additionally, Celeste will not visit on days that K.K. Slider is visiting.

When on the island, Celeste can be found wandering around your island between the hours of 7:00 PM and 4:00 AM. Occasionally Isabelle will announce that Celeste is visiting during announcements if the player signs in late enough in the day. She will walk around wherever she can get to, so it is best to check behind cliffs, ledges, and other parts of your island if she cannot be found but should be there.

Special Rewards and Recipes

Celeste will give you and any island visitors that speak with her a star or space-related crafting recipe. There are over 35 unique crafting recipes Celeste can give to the player, so speaking with her any time she is on your island is very useful. If the player cannot learn any new DIY recipes from Celeste, she will give you star fragments instead.

Learning About the Zodiac

When speaking with Celeste, the player can hand over a zodiac-related item to learn more about it. This includes zodiac star fragments and zodiac-themed items learned from Celeste’s DIY recipes. She will inform the player about a story related to the zodiac before handing the item back over.

Off-island Activities

Off island, Celeste can be summoned using an Amiibo figure or card to Photo-topia, Brewster’s Cafe, and Happy Home Paradise. In Happy Home Paradise, the player can design and customize a home for Celeste with a custom theme.

Celeste can be summoned by an Amiibo card or figure.

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