Glameow’s Path of Solitude

Quick Tips

Make sure Glameow is at least level 70.

Increase Glameow’s Effort Values for Speed and HP.

Glameow’s Challenge

Glameow faces a level 70 Aipom in this Path of Solitude challenge.

Aipom is a Normal-type Pokémon. Aipom is weak to Fighting-type attacks. Additionally, it is immune to Ghost-type attacks. Unfortunately, Glameow cannot learn super-effective attacks to use against Aipom.

Recommendations & Advantages

As Aipom is level 70 in this challenge, moves should be fully mastered and ready to use in battle. Using a combination of Nasty Plot to increase attack damage and Night Slash to deal damage is a good approach. Night Slash, a dark-type move, has an increased chance of critical hits. Combined with this move and a slight boost to attack, Aipom should be defeated within three rounds.

Furthermore, Glameow may need to endure at least one attack from Aipom. Increasing Effort Values for HP and Speed will ensure it survives an attack while allowing it to go first in battle. Increasing Glameow’s level beyond level 70 is also a valid strategy.

Other recommendations include:

  • Level up Glameow to at least Level 70 in order to either match or outlevel Aipom.
    • Unless you are looking for a challenge, you should at least match your opponent’s level.
  • Increase of Effort Values (EVs) for Speed and HP.
    • Leveling speed ensures Glameow can attack quickly.
    • Glameow will need to endure at least one attack. Increasing HP will ensure that it can.
    • Effort Values significantly increase stats when reaching an EV level of 1, 4, 7, and 10.

Path of Solitude Rewards

The rewards for completing this challenge are similar to those offered for completing the other Path of Solitude challenges.

First-time Completion

  • Path of Solitude stamp for Glameow’s Pokédex entry
  • x3 EXP Candy L

Subsequent Completions

  • x3 Grit Dust