Gastrodon’s Path of Solitude

Quick Tips

Make sure Gastrodon is at least level 70.

Increase Gastrodon’s Effort Values for Speed, HP, and Special Defense.

Learn and master a strong poison or ice-type move from the Training Grounds.

Gastrodon’s Challenge

Gastrodon goes up against a level 70 Tangrowth in this Path of Solitude challenge.

Tangrowth is a Grass-type Pokémon. Tangrowth is weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug-type attacks. Additionally, it is resistant to Electric, Grass, Water, and Ground-type attacks. Luckily, Gastrodon can learn both Ice-type and Poison-type moves from Zisu at the training grounds, giving it an advantage in this challenge.

Recommendations & Advantages

Using either Sludge Bomb or Ice Beam, both learned from Zisu at the training grounds, should be enough to defeat Tangrowth over the span of 3-4 attacks. Increasing both Speed, HP, and Special Defense Effort Values will be needed if near level 70. Without these increases, Tangrowth can attack first and use a strong-style Energy Ball to one-hit KO Gastrodon. Additionally, increasing HP and Special Defense will allow Gastrodon to endure to 2 Energy Ball attack and other lower-damage attacks. Mastering either Sludge Bomb or Ice Beam will be needed, as using agile-style and strong-style versions of these moves will come in handy.

Further recommendations include:

  • Level up Gastrodon to at least Level 70 in order to match Tangrowth.
    • Unless you are looking for a challenge, you should at least match your opponent’s level.
  • Increase of Effort Values (EVs) for Speed, HP, and Special Defense.
    • Leveling speed ensures Gastrodon can attack quickly and will attack before its opponent.
    • Increasing Special Defense and HP will allow it to endure attacks from Tangrowth.
    • With Grit items, you can upgrade your Effort Values. A variety of activities can be carried out in order to obtain these items, such as defeating wild Pokémon and releasing captured Pokémon.
    • Effort Values significantly increase stats when reaching an EV level of 1, 4, 7, and 10.
  • Master the moves learned from Zisu.
    • A mastered move can be used in both Agile-style and Strong-style.

Path of Solitude Rewards

The rewards for completing this challenge are the same as those offered for completing the other Path of Solitude challenges.

First-time Completion

  • Path of Solitude stamp for Gastrodon’s Pokédex entry
  • x3 EXP Candy L

Subsequent Completions

  • x3 Grit Dust