Abomasnow’s Path of Solitude

Abomasnow’s Opponent

This Path of Solitude challenge for Abomasnow is against a Level 60 Rapidash.

Rapidash is a pure Fire-type Pokémon. This makes it weak against Water, Rock, and Ground-type attacks. Luckily for Abomasnow, it will be able to learn the super-effective Ground-type move Earth Power.

Recommendations & Advantages

To successfully complete this challenge, it is recommended to learn the Ground-type move Earth Power from Zisu. This move will give Abomasnow a super-effective move to use against Rapidash. Mastering the move through Zisu will also be beneficial by switching between Strong-style and Agile-style if needed.

Other recommendations include:

  • Level up Abomasnow to Level 60 or above.
    • This is recommended if it struggles against its opponent despite other suggestions.
  • Increase of Effort Values (EVs) for Speed.
    • Increasing Speed ensures Abomasnow can attack first at the beginning of the battle and will not be one-hit KO’d.
    • Effort Values can be upgraded using the Grit items. You can get these items by defeating wild Pokémon, releasing captured Pokémon, and other activities.
    • Effort Values significantly increase stats when reaching an EV level of 1, 4, 7, and 10.
  • Master moves learned from Zisu.
    • A mastered move can be used in both Agile-style and Strong-style.
    • Mastered moves will allow for repeat attacks without the opponent being able to get damage in.

Path of Solitude Rewards

Much like the other Path of Solitude challenges, completing this battle will include rewards for both first-time completion and subsequent completions.

First-time Completion

  • Path of Solitude stamp for Abomasnow’s Pokédex entry
  • x3 EXP Candy L

Subsequent Completions

  • x3 Grit Dust