Shaymin, a mythical Pokémon, is found in Pokémon Legends: Arceus under special circumstances. Shaymin will only be obtainable if you have either Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield save data on your Switch. Completing the story mission related to Palkia and Dialga will be required before being able to accept this request.

About Shaymin

Shaymin has two different forms – the Land form and Sky form. Shaymin’s land form is pure Grass-type, making it weak against Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug type attacks. Its Sky form makes it a grass and flying type Pokémon, which is weak against Ice, Poison, and Rock type attacks. The sky form is completely immune to Ground-type attacks.

A Token of Gratitude Request

With the appropriate save data on your Nintendo Switch, a special research request, A Token of Gratitude, will be available after finishing the main storyline. This request can be picked up from the Professor’s board in his office. During this request, you will be requested to visit the Obsidian Fieldlands and navigate to the Floaro Gardens. Here, Shaymin will present itself and be available to catch. You can choose to engage Shaymin in battle or stun it with an item to catch it.

After completing the request, the player will receive a Gracidea, a key item that allows Shaymin to transform into its sky form. This item can only be used between dawn and dusk in the game. For Shaymin to revert to its land form, it will need to be placed into a Pasture for a while.

Pokedex entry for Shaymin

The Pokédex entry for Shaymin will require you to see it use Earth Power and Seed Flare, and use agile and strong style moves. It is recommended to use both named moves as normal-style as they do not have high PP and to use a move like Leafage for strong and agile-style moves.

Shaymin’s Path of Solitude Challenge

To learn more about Shaymin’s Path of Solitude challenge, check out our guide below.